Here are short descriptions of the types of classes offered.  Most classes are 45 minutes long and perform one routine in our Spring Recital.  Combo classes are 45 or 60 minutes long and perfom two dances in recital.  Classes must have a minimum number of students enrolled in order to be offered. If you have any questions, please feel free to call, or better yet, stop by our beautiful studio. 




The ballet taught in our combo classes is classical, without the rigid structure of a ballet academy.  The foundation of all dance forms, ballet should stress technique, emotion, and beauty.  Older classes are more structured.


A combination of ballet, modern and jazz techniques, lyrical places special emphasis on the mood or lyrics of the music.  Songs are usually slower.  Offered for 3rd grade and up.


Technique classes are designed and required for competition dancers, however non-competition dancers are welcome too.  These classes focus specifically on the technical elements required for competition dancers: various turns, leaps, tricks, flexibility, and general style.  Classes are an hour long and do not perform in recital.  Offered 5th grade and up.


Jazz incorporates a variety of music and styles from 50's big band to the latest radio hit.  It is faster-paced music with upbeat moves.  Highly recommended for those looking toward high school pom in the Norman district.  Offered to levels first grade and up.


Tap dances are known for their skill, high energy, and crowd appeal.  We literally make music with our feet.  Tap is included in all combo classes and offered through 12th grade.  Because tap is such a sequential discipline, we recommend taking classes consecutively.

Hip Hop

Ever watch music videos and wish you could move like the backup dancers?  Here is your opportunity!  Our hip hop classes are funky and cool within the confines of the family-values our studio promotes.  Offered for 3rd grade and up.

Boys Classes

No Girls Allowed!  Our boys classes are a great way to introduce guys to dance in a safe, masculine environment.  We have offered boys hip hop and boys tap.  Of course boys are always welcome into any class.


Our pom classes offer classic pom technique with an introduction to some technical elements.  Routines consist of strong, sharp movements, ripples, group work, and usually use poms.  Offered to Kindergarten and up.

Competition Pom/Company

Our competition company dancers are well known throughout the state for their excellence.  We offer a variety of competition classes starting in the third grade.  Please see the Competition Policies page for more information.

Creative Movement

Designed for ages 2.5 or 3, this class offers little ones the opportunity to begin to learn about dance.  Major objectives include: large muscle control, classroom procedures, development of social skills, introduction to a variety of music and moves, and pre-tap and pre-ballet training.  This class does not perform in recital.

Combo Classes

Offered for levels Preschool through 2nd Grade, our combo classes offer both tap and ballet in a single class.  These classes will perform two recital pieces and have a combination costume that will be worn for both dances.